Atomic Dog Hard Cider


Every ounce of juice in our flagship and seasonal ciders is pressed on site in Gettysburg, making every sip a crisp and refreshing complement to any occasion.


Well balanced & most session-able cider; Fresh crisp apple taste with hints of soft vanilla. Dryness Profile - Off Dry on our dryness scale.

Dry Hopped

Dry hopped greatness from Falconer Flight 7 C’s hops for most delicate extraction; floral citrus notes. Dryness Profile - Off Dry


Low acidity and tartness: Gentle pear taste with hints of honied fresh apples and smooth pear finish. Dryness Profile - Medium Sweet


Moderate tartness; ripe tree fruit notes of lemon & apple with tangerine and apricot mid pallet. Dryness Profile - Medium Sweet

Sweet Blend

Atomic Sweetest offering; full bodied. Apples with creamy well-rounded soft caramel candy apple finish. Dryness Profile - Sweet.

Fireside - Seasonal

Like Christmas in a Can. Yearly tradition Cinnamon Apple Pie in a can. Dryness Profile - Semi Sweet


I love me some cider. I found Atomic Dog Hard Cider. What can I say, it is the best I had. Others are just too sweet. This one you can taste the flavor of the apples. Great job.

Monique Smith

Holy cow, the Fireside is the cats meow. I love the original as well. Need to look for it in my local store.

Katlyn Howard

My girlfriend turned me onto this very tasty cider. It is dangerous, you don’t want to stop drinking it. It really has a crisp taste.

Melissa Baker

Never heard of this cider before trying it at a local restaurant. I am gluten free so I have tried a lot of ciders. A lot of them are a little too sweet. I tried the fireside cider and this cider was by far the best I’ve ever had. I went to the beer store the next day and bought them out of all the fireside flavor. I’m looking forward to trying more of the flavors.

Kelly Morgan

Fireside is by far my favorite cider ever. Perfect mix of spices and crisp apples and the best part is that it’s light, refreshing and only has three ingredients! Perfection!!! Would like to see it sold in local Ingle’s Markets in NC. (specifically Elkin, NC and West Jefferson, NC).

Penny Gillenwater