Atomic Dog Hard Cider

Brunch, Tasting & Tour

COMING SOON in 2024.

All you can eat Brunch, Tasting and Tour on the weekend.

We had a test run in December and it was so much fun. People loved everything about it. The Brunch and the Tasting and Tour after.

Some of the menu:


+Cheese blintzes 

 +Blueberry sauce for both

+Coconut/orange French toast, baked

 Served with orange/honey butter

+Broccoli Quiche

+Jalapeno potato bombs

+Grits with smoked gouda cheese and grilled 


+Sausage patties


+Sausage gravy and biscuits

+Poached eggs over spinach 

 Hollandaise sauce on the side 

+Sauteed seasonal vegetables

+Scrambled fresh eggs 

+coffee cake, muffins, pastries

+Seasonal fruit

+Home fries served at the table if requested